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Super Power FuelSuper Power Fuel®

Premium blend 1/2A fuel for proven performance.

Available in value-priced quarts, Super Power fuel for 1/2A model engines meets the highest quality standards — standards that have earned Cox an outstanding reputation among control line, free flight and R/C hobbyists for over six decades.

Ideal for airplane, car or boat use, Super Power fuel offers many performance advantages. Among them: high RPM, smooth idling, and enhanced engine protection!

  • Premium blend 25% nitro formula.
  • Surpasses 15% nitro fuel’s performance with higher RPM, better throttle response, smoother idle and reduced needle valve sensitivity.
  • Special 18% oil package includes the latest hi-tech synthetics combined with castor to protect and lubricate the aluminum journals and plain steel bearings used in small displacement engines.
  • Available in economical 1 quart (946 mL) size.
  • Made in the USA.


Oil Package Content:

  • 90% Synthetic
  • 10% Castor
  • Total Oil Package Volume 18%

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