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Sky Cruiser - Ready-to-Fly Electric R/C Glider
Today's best in fast, easy R/C flying!

Eager to start flying? The Sky Cruiser can help. Assembly takes less than 5 minutes. And there's nothing to buy, because everything you need is already in the box. The cutting-edge 2.4GHz radio system comes with batteries, and features dual rates to make learning easier. Charge up the LiPo flight pack, and you're ready for up to 10 minutes of flight excitement. And don't worry if you crash: FlightFlex™ construction and the exclusive SafeProp™ system make the Sky Cruiser virtually unbreakable!

"The Sky Cruiser is everything a first plane should be: simple, stable and extremely easy to fly. You can be enjoying climbs and long glides in less than 5 minutes!"

Parts Layout

With the Sky Cruiser, 'easy does it' says it all. You can have it in the air in 5 minutes — and once you're there, the Sky Cruiser makes it easy to pick up the basics fast!
Everything you need is in the box!

The Sky Cruiser — It arrives with the finish applied and the motor, servos and receiver/speed control already installed. Sliding the wing onto the composite joiner rod takes about a minute and full assembly can be complete in as little as 5!

Spare SafeProp — Just in case.

7.4V 250mAh LiPo battery Compact, lightweight and good for up to 10 minutes of flight per charge.

Balancing LiPo charger and AC power supply balancing ensures that the pack will safely charge to the maximum possible voltage. The AC power supply ensures easy charging even when you're at home.

2.4GHz radio system with dual rates and 4 "AA" batteries the latest in interference-free control and the batteries you need to use it.

Instructions & screwdriver (not shown)

To learn more about the exclusive SafeProp protection System, FlightFlex construction and other Sky Cruiser features, click on the links below.

Safe Prop 2.4GHz Radio FlightFlex Ready To Fly!

Wingspan: 27.6 in (702 mm)
Wing Area: 87.9 in² (5.67 dm²)
Weight: 3.3 oz (94 g)
Wing Loading: 5.4 oz/ft² (16.5 g/dm²)
Length: 20.2 in (515 mm)
Stock Number: COXA6503

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